3 Steps to Decorating Your Narrow Bedroom with a Minimalist Concept

The bedroom can be said to be the room of someone’s privacy (the occupants of the room). This is caused by the bedroom is room to rest, then privacy is needed. This privacy issue is also related to the selection of decorations in the bedroom; because the bedroom will show the personality of its occupant. Decorating your bedroom is very important, especially if your bedroom is a room with a size that is narrower than in general. Here are some tips for decorating your narrow bedroom with a minimalist concept.

The minimalist concept in a narrow space

In general, the concept of minimalism has a meaning that is a concept that can meet aesthetic and functional values by only applying basic and essential aspects to a room or home. The concept of minimalism emphasizes the value of simplicity, which means the use of materials, ornaments, furniture in the limit that is not excessive. The minimalist concept is appropriate for a small bedroom because the narrow bedroom space makes it impossible to put a lot of things in.

Decorate a narrow bedroom

In decorating your narrow bedroom with a minimalist concept, you don’t need to worry about costs. Because the concept used is minimalist, then the matter of costs in purchasing or maintenance will be more efficient. The first thing you should consider is the color selection. White is the recommended color for use in tight spaces. The use of white (or colors with other bright tones) will make your room look less crowded. However, that does not mean you apply this white 100% to your bedroom. Use 80% composition in its application so that your bedroom also does not become monotonous. Use some other motifs or colors on your curtains or table or cabinet.

The second thing you can do is buy multifunctional furniture. If the bedroom in your house is designed with a small size or you are living in a boarding house with a narrow room, then use the furniture with a multifunction so it does not meet the bedroom space. The choice of a mattress or study table/work table that can be folded is one type of multifunctional and space-saving furniture.

The third thing you can do is maximize lighting. If your house is still in the planning stage, even if your bedroom is narrow, make sure your bedroom gets adequate natural lighting. In decorating your narrow bedroom with a minimalist concept, natural lighting will give the impression of a more spacious room. If that is not possible, use an LED type lamp with lighting that is almost similar to natural lighting during the day. However, you must still pay attention to the comfort of your eyes; use an intensity that is comfortable and does not hurt your eyes.

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