3 Tips to Create Comfortable Small Size Bedroom

The bedroom has an important role as the place where you can rest, relax and recharge your body and mind. In many cases, this role can be easily achieved when the size of the bedroom is big. However, it doesn’t mean small bedroom won’t be able to give you a relaxing and comfortable place to rest. With little tweak and smart small bedroom design, you can solve the small size problem.

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The Color Theme

Use a brighter color for creating more surface that can reflect the light, especially the natural light from outside. With more reflection, a small bedroom will become brighter. This will remove the gloomy atmosphere from the small size room like this. You can apply this bright color on the wall and ceiling to maximize the effect.

Or, you also can make a contrast combination to emphasize the brighter part of your bedroom wall. It is easy to do. Just apply the darker color on the ceiling, then the brighter color on the wall. This will give you that effect.

The Mirror

A mirror is the best item for adding more reflective surface in your small size bedroom. However, the mirror also gives your bedroom a wider space, because it also reflects the room itself. So, by looking at it, you can feel that you have more space inside your bedroom. Therefore, it would be better if you use big size mirror that can cover one side of the wall. Usually, a big cabinet with mirror work wonders for this purpose.

The Furniture

You have small size bedroom. So, do not put too many furniture or furniture that takes too much space inside. This will make your bedroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. The best solution is using multifunction furniture. Furniture with many small or hidden compartments for keeping your stuff is also a good choice. 

The portable storage box is also another good item for replacing the furniture in your small bedroom. Prepare some rack to put it. That way you can easily organize the box according to the item that you put inside. And, to make it even more special, you also can use color paper to decorate the box surface. Now, you also have a nice decoration for your bedroom.

Those are several tips for changing your small size bedroom into a more comfortable bedroom. You can apply the small bedroom design mentioned above by yourself. But, do not hesitate to call for professional help in order to get a good result. 

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