3 Tricks to Decorate Your Bedroom Wall Easily

The wall is an important part of every room. It’s not only a part that separates between room and room. But, the wall also can become the canvas that you can use to decorate your room. As for the bedroom, the wall can create a different atmosphere. Do you want to know the trick to decorate the bedroom wall easily? Below, we have several of them you can try at your home.

Three Colors

Use three wallpapers with a different color to change the wall into one of the beautiful artwork. The method is simple. Cut the wallpaper into a square shape. Then stick on the bedroom wall diagonally for the same color. Then, add another color until it fills the entire surface of your bedroom wall. 

Sectioned Wall

This method uses a similar way like the three colors method. Basically, you need to draw a line that connects each corner of your bedroom wall diagonally. Then, you will have four sections you can fill up with any color or pattern that you like. The next step is easy. Apply the color or pattern on those sections. 

For a unique appearance, try to match the pattern on the bottom and left or right section with the bedroom floor pattern. For example, if your bedroom use wooden floor, try to use a similar pattern. You don’t need to use a wood plank on these sections. If you short on budget, try to use wallpaper with similar wood pattern.

Different Color

Paint one side of the bedroom wall with the different/contrast color than the other walls. For example, if you use white paint for the bedroom wall, paint one side of the wall with a darker color, such as black or red. However, if you stop from this point, that won’t be enough.

The next step you need to do is you use this different colored wall as the area to hang artwork, paintings, photo or any wall decoration. The accessories that you use here will look stand out, which is a great way to create a strong focal point of your bedroom.

Now, you know how to decorate the bedroom wall effectively and beautifully. Some of the tips and trick we mentioned above maybe are difficult to do by yourself. You can use professional service if you think you incapable to do that. Or, you can try it by yourself even though it’s difficult. That will be fun and interesting to do, especially if you do it with your family or loved one.

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