4 Methods to Change Your Bathroom Into Beautiful One

Are you getting bored with your standard bathroom design? That is a sign that you need to make a change. You don’t need to renovate your bathroom in order to get a new and fresh appearance. By making a small change in your bathroom, you can make a big change. And guaranteed you won’t get bored anymore. Here are several tips you can use for decorating the bathroom and change it into one of the beautiful rooms in your house.

Change the Fabric

There are many parts in your bathroom that use fabric, such as towel, floor mat or shower curtain. This part seems not so important at first. However, this is the part that you use a lot. We can say that this part contributes a big percentage on your bathroom boringness level. 

Changing this part with a new type of fabric or different pattern and color will solve the problem. You will find something new every time you use them. Thus, it will also give a different appearance to your bathroom.

The Lighting Fixtures

Changing the lighting fixtures also work really well. As we all know, the lighting can create difference nuance, if you apply it correctly. For the bathroom, you also can apply that concept. You can choose a different light color to get new nuance. Or, you can change the whole lighting fixture to add a beautiful appearance as well. Match it with the bathroom interior style.


Plants are a great solution for bringing something new into a room. However, for bathroom, where mostly doesn’t have enough natural sunlight, it will be difficult to use it to change its appearance. The solution is using a fake plant. The green color from the plan is what you need to add some fresh and relaxing feeling. However, if your bathroom has windows, do not hesitate to place a real plant. That will multiply the great effect that the plant can give to your bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

This one maybe you need more work to apply it on your bathroom than the other solution mentioned before. However, the floor as the part that most noticeable in your bathroom will give the bathroom big changes when you put something new on it. There are many ideas you can apply here. However, for a unique result, try to use the wooden floor. 

Decorating the bathroom and making it into the more beautiful bathroom isn’t difficult to do. You can choose one of the methods we mentioned above. And, you can get rid of your boring bathroom. 

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