6 Inspirations of Main Bedroom Decoration

A bedroom is one of the coziest places in the house where you can do activities, find inspiration, and relax your mind. You shouldn’t apply the same designs of the main bedroom decoration. The effects are making you difficult to sleep. The sleeping quality is important for your physiological condition. 


If you want to decorate your bedroom, you can apply a Bohemian home decor. You can present a Bohemian nuance with the nature theme like a motif bedding with flora and fauna, wooden wall decorations, or recycling materials. You can apply a living plant in the clear vase that is very down to earth. 

White On White 

If you dislike a Bohemian style, you can decorate your bedroom with a white pallet. It is called White on White. The white pallet will give a wider and brighter room impression. It can be applied to a small bedroom. In order to not get monotonous, you can combine with some textures and motifs in the bed, blanket, cover, wall, or carpet. It seems to be a cute inspiration of the main bedroom decoration. 

Modern Masculinity 

Simplicity becomes the main DNA of the bedroom style. It becomes a part of a masculine interior style. The neutral colors with strict furniture accent don’t only present masculinity but it presents modernity. You can make it soft with room decoration. The strict bedroom decoration with geometric texture on the carpet and wall paintings will be the main decorative details of this bedroom. 

Boys Themed Bedroom

If you have a boy or son at home, you can apply this inspiration of the main bedroom decoration–. The boys are generally very loyal to their hobby. When they find favorite activities, as the parents, you must decorate the son’s bedroom decoration based on the related theme of the boys’ hobby or favorite fiction figures.

Ralph Lauren Nautical Theme 

Ralph Lauren is a bedroom design with a typical style. He has a nautical theme. It can be an inspiration for chic bedroom decoration. It also looks casual and stays stylish. You can play a decoration with nautical icons like line motifs, zigzag, black and white nuance, or navy color. You can apply it for decorating your bedroom. 

Green Living 

Green presents a relaxing feeling. You can select some green choices in the setting and decoration in order to be more dynamic. You can start it with a pale green or bright green. This can be a good inspiration for the main bedroom decoration. 

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