Are You Ready to Set the Fireplace for Christmas?

Do you kind of people who like to spend the winter christmas time in your living room with your family member, snuggling and cuddling in front of the fireplace? Some tea and snacks as great companies as you feel the warmth of your living room? If you are really keen on your fireplace, how about we make some decor to spice up your favorite place in the room looks more attractive and stunning? Sounds a great idea isn’t it? Moreover, it is for christmas.

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Winter White

Fireplace For Christmas
Fireplace For Christmas

If you like to set your fireplace for christmas to be white to make it look harmonious to your winter theme christmas idea, it is not a big deal! Decor your mantel with whitish ornament and placing your two christmas trees to the left and right your fireplace. Put your wrapped gift under the tree and make a wish. Put a wooden head deer above the fireplace and place a wreath that you can find in christmas home decor to make it more pretty. Paint your brick with white color to make it look colder. Just do not worry, the fire will make it warmer though.

Glam Looks

Glam looks are something about gold and silver. Preparing the garland to put it on your mantel. Securing the garland using command hooks and then fluffing the garland out. Place the golden ornaments pics on your ready garlands. The glittery ones look more suitable to the themes instead of the plain ones. Adding some silver picks to pop up your glam fireplace will be great as well. Branch picks will make it more fuller. Decorate your candle with silver and gold ornaments and some christmas tree lights, put it in your mantel.

Warm Light

Are You Ready To Set The Fireplace For Christmas
Are You Ready To Set The Fireplace For Christmas

You can create a warm atmosphere for your fireplace space by adding some orange vibes. First, for more warming themes, put the LED light you’ve had to your voluptuous garland or small pine trees around your mantel. Pick the simple one, the LED light will make it brighter. For the nice touch up as to make it look warmer, adding such ornament like socks will help. Place the socks by hanging it with wire above the fireplace and add some friendly welcoming words. Create a warm atmosphere by placing your furniture sets in front of your fireplace that has a warmer look such a couch and rugs. Make the rooms more shadowy by turn off the light and focusing only on LED lights and the fire.

Above all, which one do you prefer to set your fireplace for christmas?

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