Beautiful Wedding Flower Ideas

You may already be familiar with the common wedding flowers such as boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces as well. It would be the peak of the iceberg when you have to use flowers in a big day, instead of popular options available, there are so many ways to use flowers in your decoration wedding party ideas, come from your ceremony altars to your table decorations. The flower is a great way to adjust your wedding party by bringing along your vision – the first time is finding out what you need first. You can check some ideas below to know what you want, or just in cases using flowers on your wedding day. 

Make the flower fountain 

Growing up the greener and lush plants to duplicate the romantic fountain, you can use much more imagination for a personalized look. You can check some photos from various sources to the same romance level by adding the floating candles and the flower pads in your pool. 

Topiary decorations 

You can choose the petal-layered aisle is a great thing – the aisle which full of the topiary-lined with the trees will look like something completely different. If you use the entire white or neutral scheme, it means that you can play more with the colors in the flower motifs. You should not be afraid of mix and match your flowers here. 

The green lush ceiling 

If your visiting is about romantic outdoor space which exposed with the aesthetic beams – then you can cover them up. To get the full appearance of garland, you can consider the green plants such as ivy or boxwood. You can add more things by hanging the flower sprays in your ceilings as well. 

Blossom trees with the lights 

When you come with the rustic or country theme, you often blessed with the lavish interiors, high ceilings and spacious venue. In this point, you can utilize most of your wedding and reception venue by introducing the tall blossom trees which draw your guests’ attention and add romantic touch like come out from the fairytale. 

You can hang your pomanders 

Different colors and sizes of your pomanders can dress up your naked tree at your outdoor wedding party. You should be careful when using the additional supports when you hang them – of course, you do not want them to fall in the middle of your wedding ceremony. There are so many ways to add flowers to your wedding ceremony or reception. Flowers are an important element where you can leave behind when talking about the wedding.

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