Bedroom Color Ideas to Help You Fresh and Full of Spirit in the Morning

Everybody needs to be fresh and full of energy to start a new day. That’s why you need a good quality sleep at night so you can wake up fresh with full of energy. Bedroom decoration has crucial role to help you get a quality sleeping. One hint: color is the key.

It has been widely known that color has psychological effects and applying the right color(s) to bedroom decoration can help creating the right atmosphere influencing our emotion and even help to balance our body and mind. The dominant color would set the mood to the whole bedroom as it is applied on the wall paint or wallpaper, bedding, and also on the bedroom furniture.

These are several color ideas for bedroom decoration that will help creating a fresh and energized morning:

Calming Green

Green color is associated with freshness, balance, and youngness. Green bedroom decoration will create calm atmosphere inside the room helping you to rest better. This color can be applied as wall paint or wallpaper (on one side or all sides of the wall), on bedding decoration, or furniture color. Combine it with white accents to prevent the green color to dominating.

Bedroom Color Ideas To Help You Fresh And Full Of Spirit In The Morning Result
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Grey with Natural Elements

Grey is the ideal color for rustic natural bedroom decoration. It would be perfect when combined with natural elements such as natural wooden colors and textures. Grey color can create relaxing atmosphere while the natural elements will give refreshing mood. Wake up in the room like that, you will feel fresh and full of spirit.

Bedroom Color Ideas To Help You Fresh And Full Of Spirit In The Morning Result
Image source: Behance

Comforting Blue

Interior design experts believe that blue is the most ideal color for bedroom. This color is believed to give the best quality of sleeping at night. No wonder as the color of blue is closely associated with comfort and cosines. It creates the feeling like when you see a clear blue sky or a calm and pristine blue sea. For bedroom decoration choose a lighter tone of blue color for the wall and ceiling, bedding, and the decorative elements.

Clean and Bright White

White for bedroom wall color seems so basic and a kind of boring. But don’t get wrong. There are several benefits from choosing white-dominated interior decoration for bedroom. First, white color creates the clean and bright atmosphere. For small room, it will make it looks much wider and make it feels much refreshing. With white color dominating the room decoration, it helps other elements to stand out such as colorful bedding, carpet, or even photos or painting displayed on the wall. 

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