Blue Decoration : Home Decoration with Shades of Blue

Home Decoration With Shades Of Blue

Who would have thought, home decor with shades of blue has a positive effect on the body and mind. Do you know that blue symbolizes depth, trust, loyalty, confidence, heaven’s destiny, and intelligence. Besides that from a psychological point of view, blue means trustworthy and responsible. As a color that can add enthusiasm, at the same time blue also encourages the body to produce chemicals that are calming. In the following we will provide recommendations for blue decoration to beautify or make your home look attractive.

Cozy and Simple Family Room

Besides the room, the family room should be the most comfortable place to relax and gather with family. You can use light blue wall paint for the walls of the house to give the impression of calm and peace in the family room. Then, add a long chair decoration made of wood painted in blue, and don’t forget to add a matching blue foam seat to be comfortable when sitting. To be more comfortable, also use blue chair cushions with accent motifs or stripes to make the appearance of the chair more attractive.

Aesthetic and Enjoyable Reading Room

For you who like to read and want to have a reading room or study room at home, a few tips on the blue decor so as not to make the reading room boring. You can add a sofa or blue base cloth. Do not forget to put a pillow to be slung on the chair to make it more comfortable. For healthy eyes when reading, use white or light blue curtains on the reading room window. Also, use a lamp with the right wattage size if for reading at night. Now, you can make this room a comfortable room for reading, and your little ones are more enthusiastic about learning here.

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A Soothing Bedroom

After a day of activities outside, the bedroom becomes the most appropriate place to rest the body. The light blue decoration color is an excellent choice for room walls because it can produce chemicals that calm the body. You can put a wallpaper or wall sticker in a matching color to a wall that has been painted in blue. To give a warm impression decor with shades of blue in the room, you can use a blue motif carpet in the place. To add variety, choose sheets that are in blue, like white, light brown, or gray. Then for the blue touch, use it on a pillowcase and bedcover. Don’t forget to add a light sleeper for lighting in the room. Add matching curtain colors to beautify the room.

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