Decorating Your Garage to Make It More Attractive

Although not all houses have a garage, one part of this house is still important to be designed. The garage does have the main function to store your various vehicles, but you can do more with your garage. With the right design and decoration, your garage will not be a boring place and make you feel at home for long taking care of your vehicle. Here are some tips for decorating your garage to make it more attractive.

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The function of a garage

Garage, in general, is one of the rooms in your house that is used to store vehicles that you have, such as cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. The garage can be said to be the bedroom for your vehicle. In addition to vehicles, sometimes the garage is also a room to put various tools, both for vehicles and for the maintenance of your garden, for example. So, the garage will be a mess if it is not well organized. Therefore, decorating and arranging a garage is something important.

What should be considered in the garage?

The first thing you should pay attention to in designing and decorating your garage to make it more attractive is the selection of material for the floor. The garage floor can be said to be the floor with the most weight to support. The motorcycles, cars, bikes, and tools that you put in the garage have incredible weight. Choose a floor with concrete material for your garage. This material is considered very strong to withstand very heavy loads.

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Second, pay attention to the type of paint that you use on the walls of your garage. The garage will be your place to experiment a bit with your vehicle (for example with oil). A garage is also a place for tools or used goods that are dirty. This is risky to pollute the walls of your clean garage. Therefore, choose a wall paint that has the property that can be cleaned with a wipe (paint with the nature of semi-gloss) so you do not need to worry about your garage wall dirty and chaotic.

The last thing you should pay attention to when decorating your garage to make it more attractive is the use of container and iron shelves to put your various tools. Usually, in addition to storing tools, the garage is also a place to store goods that are not used anymore (before they are blown away). To be organized, use plastic or cardboard containers to store these items. Label it so it doesn’t get confused and place it on a metal frame rack/shelves. You can also use the walls of your garage to put some of your automatic equipment, such as a screwdriver, or other equipment that you will likely use often. 

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