Your christmas is not perfect if there is no dinner time with all of your family gatherings. Dinner tends to make you closer to all of your family members. It is your time to showing-off your cooking skills as well. Your steak and rib roast will be plated in an inviting decor too.

If you are confused about your dining room christmas decor, here are some tips I can share with you!

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The candle is one of the essence items for dinner time. Scented candle, of course, the best if you wanted it more romantic. Candle will give you a warm atmosphere also additional light for your room. You can choose where you should set the candle. You can put it on the dining table or floating it above that. If it more crowded with children and you worry they will drop it, your hanging antique chandelier can be used in time like this.

Mini Tree

Do you think that christmas tree only placed in the corner of the room? If soo, just check a little mini christmas tree and find it for your dining room. The christmas tree on your dining table will make your family members remember that it is christmas time and everybody celebrating it with warm dinner time. 

Pop Red Napkin

If your plate is plain and there is no decoration on it, the red napkin that you folded with a cute ribbon will make a great decoration on your plating. It will more look appeal on your plate, red also can make you increase your appetite. Placing the red napkin on the arranging plate, and add the kitchen utensils like fork knife and spoon to help you with the food you have served.

Decorative Jar

Placing decorative jars like cocoa, coffee, tea or even some cookies or peanuts on your counter or dining table will make them want to drink and eat them. Arranging little jars on the dining table make your guest can more free to enjoy them. When you want it prettier, you can add colorful ribbons and tags for each of them. Find cute jar as a christmas home decor four your own table.

Hanging Lamp

The classic atmosphere can be created with the usage of the ancient themed items. When you are a classic person. Hanging lamp in the center of the dining room will make a great appearance. Hanging lamp with ancient texture from the ceiling make your dinner time looks more mighty.

Those are some dining room christmas decor items you will never want to miss for your perfect dinner time with your lovely ones!

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