Guides to Save More Money on Your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception- Even your wedding is all about the ceremony, but for your guests, the actual wedding starts at the reception where you can find the food, open bar, dancing hall and so on. for the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony is when they can relax and get loose as well. However, planning out the wedding is not relaxing and easy at all, especially when you to stay on a tight budget. Luckily, there are so many ways to save up more in your fun, attractive and elegant decoration. There are some decoration wedding party ideas below to save more. 

Using tie ribbons 

Wearing the seat covers can be expensive to rent out, and there are still many things in Wedding Reception to do. Instead of using the seating covers, you can use a beautiful wide ribbon to be tied up in the back part adding more elegance touch and tidy up several things altogether. The ribbon is the affordable alternative compared to lavish seat covers. You can ask your friends to cut and tie them up in your big day later.

You can use white Christmas light 

We all know that many people are using white Christmas lights around the year in their backyard as the simple and elegant decorations. These lights can be a beautiful addition to your wedding reception venue. Hang them in the ceilings, around your table, potted plants, and cakes as well. If you do not want to use this light, you can use the lanterns instead.

Place the water feature 

This is also a great addition to your reception entrance venue. You can choose the small one that you have from your home and place it on your table. The waterfall sound can be so refreshing and it would be fun for your guests to listen to it since they finally feel relaxed in your reception. 

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Add feathers 

So, feathers are a huge trend in the wedding reception decoration. You can purchase it in bulk from the craft shop in your area or go shopping online. Then you can make huge feather wreaths hang in the ceilings or add the flower centerpiece for more elegant touch on it.

Go romantic with candles 

There is no more romantic sensation than the dim space, which only lights up by hundreds of candles in your venue. Of course, candles are affordable. So, there are many inexpensive ways that you can choose the decoration for your wedding reception party.

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