The living room is such a perfect place to hanging out with your family or spending time watching television with your lovely friends when christmas comes. To warm the cold christmas, here are some christmas decor for living room.

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Minimalist Christmas Living Room

To set a minimalist christmas decor for living room you need decorations that give cozy feels. For your minimalist living room that has white color in every furniture, like a couch, table, standing lamp or even the plain white wall, you can start by choosing a simple ornament, such a pillowcase with fur materials or plaid pillowcase. It will never make you look less attracted. Additional items that have decoration functions like photos or quotes on the wall can be added on your wall. This simple decor ideas never get you to look boring.

Explosive Red

Red is one of the christmas colors. It means passion, brave souls and sophisticated. When christmas is coming, setting your living room in an explosive red color will make it more stunning and can warm your family gathering. Maroon and soft textured red can look appealing in your living room. Adding socks and any other red decoration near your fireplaces will make it warmer than none. Hanging wreath flower ornament above that will make it pretty as well.

Cute and Soft Pink

Living Room Christmas Decorations Result
Living Room Christmas Decorations Result

When the winter comes, make your living room turn to soft is a great idea too. Soft color can make you feel warm and contented. I recommended the white and pink color ornament. You can add a fluffy white ribbon to your christmas tree, or hanging pink sock in the wall, even snowflakes ornament is perfect too as your christmas home decor. For the couch to cuddling place, blanket or rugs with fur materials. Your shabby-chic sofa is your statement items!

Full Pattern

Festive is one of the themes to get your christmas more bright. Red and green as the basic color will be okay too. Pattern fabric like polka-dots, flowery, snowflakes, checks, geometrics and simple lines like red, white and green are what can I recommend you. Feel free to choose the patterns you like too.

Raw Element

Creating a place based on a raw element will give you a more urban and tough atmosphere. If you are a masculine type, an exposed brick wall to your fireplaces is such an idea. Set your seat furniture in front of it, with shiny stools from steels. Adding silver element as a christmas decor for your living room and tiny snowflakes decorations still make it manly though.

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