Korean Style Bedroom Designs

K-Wave is not only influenced the entertainment industry in the world, but also fashion, beauty, culinary, and even interior designs. For you who love to watch K-drama, you must often see simple, sweet, and cozy Korean bedroom designs. If you are interested to apply the Korean bedroom designs, here are some inspirations for you.

Simple Girly

For you who wish to have a simple and feminine Korean-styled bedroom, then choosing pink as the dominant color is the solution. Apply pink wallpaper to the walls of your bedroom instead of repaint the room. You can combine pink with other colors, such as purple that you can apply to the bed sheet or blanket so that your Korean-styled bedroom looks legit. In order to balance the color, use a white carpet and white curtain. Have tumblr decorative lamps as your bedroom decoration.

Soft Brown and White

Korean-styled bedrooms do not always have to be girly and colorful. You can also have it in a soft and mature look. The dominant white color on the walls can create the look. Choose a low bed and combine it with a tiny side bedroom table. Instead of having a bookshelf, you can replace it with a versatile cabinet to store your favorite books and your other personal items. This design idea is suitable if your bedroom is not really spacious. Lastly, you can add a furry carpet besides your bed in order to make your bedroom more comfortable and warmer.

Simple Shady

One of the characteristics of Korean-styled bedrooms is the use of a minimalist design interior with soft and calm colors. Have wooden floors and a wooden bed to create the design as well as add a natural look. Strengthen the look with concealing lighting. This lighting will not only make your bedroom soft and shady but also elegant. You are also able to consider using a minimalist curtain to cover the window. If too much sunlight comes into your bedroom, choose a thick minimalist curtain.

Minimalist Elegant

Combine white walls with wooden bedroom furniture in order to create the minimalist look. Replace common bedroom with lamps with tumblr lamps. Tumblr lamps can also function as a decoration in your bedroom. To keep the color combination in harmony, choose a blanket and bed sheet with soft colors. Have a low side bedroom table to place your items, such as a wristwatch, glasses, accessories, books, and many more.

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