Minimalist Bathroom Designs for Your Inspiration

Minimalist Bathroom Designs
Minimalist Bathroom Designs

A minimalist design is one of the most popular and most used designs because it can bring a clean, cozy, and modern look. This design is suitable to be applied in any rooms at a house, including the bathroom. Having a minimalist bathroom means you can get rid of unnecessary items. Moreover, those unnecessary items can be a place where germs and bacteria if you do not often use them. Below are the minimalist bathroom inspirations that can be your reference.

Elegant Grey and Black

The first is an elegant grey and black bathroom. The combination of grey and black is able to create a minimalist bathroom that looks fancy and elegant. In order to make this minimalist bathroom bright and clean, you can use the natural sunlight that comes through a glass window. The natural sunlight will create a natural and flexible atmosphere. Moreover, the glass window will also make the bathroom looks more spacious. Or, you can use white bathroom furniture such as a white bathtub and white sink to add brightness and balance the color in the bathroom.

Cozy Japanese

A minimalist bathroom does not always have to look boring with white just like common minimalist bathroom designs. By dominating your bathroom with wood materials, you can also have an oriental atmosphere in your bathroom. Use wood materials for the bathroom floors and walls. Not only oriental look, the wood materials will also bring a natural and warm look to your bathroom. If your bathroom is not really spacious, hang a large mirror above the sink to make it looks larger. Add a minimalist chair so that your minimalist bathroom looks like a cozy Japanese bathhouse.

Smart Minimalist

A minimalist bathroom can still look fancy without spending too much money if you know how to play patterns in the bathroom floors and walls. For example, you can combine hexagonal ceramics for the bathroom floor and plain ceramics for the walls. The combination of those patterns will create a smart retro chic bathroom even though you do not place any decoration in the bathroom. If you insist to have a decoration, you can just place a simple white flower vase. There are a lot of patterned ceramics in the market. You can choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

Those are the inspiration of minimalist bathroom designs that can be your reference. So, which minimalist design idea do you want to apply to your bathroom?

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