Super Easy Ways to Decorate a Beautiful Wedding Reception

It’s all depending on your contract, there may be some rules in the term of decoration type that you can do for that room. For example, the museum or historic wedding spot may not okay to get many decorations since it can damage their walls in any way, like using the nails to hang stuff. You may be a minimalist person and you do not love too much decoration, still, you want to personalize your celebration. Or you have to stick out in your tight budget. To save up more money, you can buy items that you can reuse or resell. These decoration wedding party ideas can be your best reference and inspiration. 

Use drape for the ceilings 

It’s impressive  to think of things that you can do with the little fabric. You can keep it looks formal and elegant with the white fabric or if you want to get pleasing nuance. Of course, you can use bright tones like yellow, cream, and so on. You can get this approach and light up your table decoration while still having the same reception look. There are so many ways to make your wedding reception decorations. 

Make your own escort card display 

Instead of purchasing the escort card table, you can make the seating assignments from the board and put it close to the entrance point in your reception hall. Your guests will never squint in your small tented cards trying to spell out their guest tables. 

Get the patterned or ornamented pillows 

If you have a lounge area in your reception space or making one with some rental pieces, then you have to bring yourself to the household department to get some pillows. Find them on sale for saving and covered with the patterned motifs to get some pop out colors. 

Hanging beautiful and colorful flowers 

Do you think that flowers just for your tables? So, rethink about it. The lush setting hanging a few feets above your dinner plates can be a great way to create a more intimate space. This tip is so useful if you not too love with carpeting things – make people always look up. 

Table lamps for a luxury touch 

You can make height in your reception table by putting the table lamps. Even you can skip your flowers altogether, but you have to know that surrounding your lamps with beautiful flowers can be an easy way to hide the cords. Keep in mind that decoration wedding party ideas should not spend much cost.

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