Thanksgiving Artificial Decorations 2019

Looking for decorations for Thanksgiving Day can be a bit annoying, not to mention if you do not know what to buy. Rest assured, instead of confusing yourself, let’s take a look at the Thanksgiving artificial decorations down below. But before that, what do you know about Thanksgiving Day? As you can see from the name, Thanksgiving Day is a day where you are celebrating the harvest as a thank you. This national holiday is started when both Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth colonists shared their harvest and had a feast together. This kind of feast was then celebrated for more than two centuries. Until, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln decided to proclaim this feast as Thanksgiving Day and celebrated every November. Now, are you ready to look at the artificial decorations for Thanksgiving Day?

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Artificial Pumpkins

The first Thanksgiving artificial decoration that you can buy is these artificial pumpkins from DomeStar. You can get this pumpkin at a price that is not too expensive.. This decoration comes in a package, you will not only get 12 artificial pumpkins but you will also get 30 silk maple leaves. The artificial pumpkins are made of premium foam and look exactly as real pumpkins only they will not rot. Meanwhile, the maple leaves are made from silk with vibrant colors. You can also draw patterns on the pumpkins and put them on every corner of your house. Lastly, these decorations can be put outdoor or indoor.

Artificial Berries

The second decoration for Thanksgiving Day is these artificial berries from Rinlong. You can get this decoration at the AMAZON store. This decoration looks real and can be used for Thanksgiving decorations, in garlands, bouquets, fruit baskets, and Christmas trees. The stem of these berries can also be easily bent. These berries are painted in different vibrant and fresh colors to match with the real ones. The total length of this decoration is 13” and you will get four stems of artificial berries. Lastly, you will be given 60 days money guarantee.

Artificial Acorns

Artificial Acorn
Artificial Acorn

The last Thanksgiving artificial decoration that you can buy is these artificial acorns from Yarssir. You can get this beautiful woman on Amazon. In the package, you will get 100 artificial acorns that are painted in vibrant and fresh light brown and dark brown colors. These acorns are made from polystyrene foam but the top of the acorns are from the natural acorns. The length of each of these acorns is 2x3cm and weight 1.2g each. You can also place these acorns on every corner of your house. So, which one will you buy?

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