Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Decorations 2019

Your Thanksgiving Day will not feel complete without some Thanksgiving table centerpiece decorations. Then, where can you find the table centerpieces? This is where you can find recommended table centerpieces for your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Before we jump into the exciting part, which is shopping, it is better if you know a few things about Thanksgiving Day. Knowing the history behind this celebration is kind of important especially if you just know how to celebrate it but you never know what makes this holiday exists. Now, this holiday is started when Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth colonists shared both of their harvests and made a feast together. Then, they continued to have this feast for more than two centuries. Eventually, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the feast as Thanksgiving Day and hold every November. Now, are you ready for some shopping?

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Candle Holder

There is nothing warmer than having candles on your dining table. Hence, you can buy these Thanksgiving table centerpiece decorations from Volens. This will come in a package of 12 candle holders and work perfectly well with tealight candles or small LED flameless tea lights. Not only for Thanksgiving Day, but you can also use these candle holders for weddings, dinner parties, and other holidays or special occasions. These candleholders are made with an antique metallic finish to give a warm effect. Lastly, these candle holders are safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

Maple Tree

If you do not want candles, you can use this small maple tree from Whonline to be put on your dining table. You can get this beautiful maple tree this in AMAZON. In the package, you will get one maple tree along with 24 LEDs. The height of the tree is around 20 inches with the 4-inch base. This maple tree is made from high-quality plastic and silk cloth. You will need 3 AA batteries and the branches can be bent easily. Lastly, this maple tree is perfect for the office, dining table, bedroom, or parties.

Glass Pumpkin Light

The last Thanksgiving center table decoration you can buy is this pumpkin lamp from Denlix. You can get this beauty at a pretty cheap price. This lamp is wireless and you only need 3 AAA batteries. There are 10 LED lights and can last up to 240 hours. Finally, you will get a free exchange and a 30-day return policy. So which one do you want to buy?

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