The Concept Idea of Thanksgiving Decorations

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Every fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States of America. Thanksgiving itself is actually also celebrated in other countries, even though not at the same time as in the US. In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. During the Thanksgiving celebration, people gather with their family and friends. Not only providing special and tasty meals, but they are also decorating their house.

Dining Tables Thanksgiving Decoration

 . The Concept Idea Of Thanksgiving Decorations.
The Concept Idea Of Thanksgiving Decorations.

Dining with family and friends is one of the Thanksgiving traditions. So, it is not surprising that a dining table becomes a focal point that needs to be decorated. What special from Thanksgiving celebration is a pumpkin decorations. So, pumpkins are often used to complete a dining table decoration during Thanksgiving. You can just put pumpkins on a dining table like that or you can carve it first to make it looks more decorative. You can also apply this fun concept when you hold a party for your kids’ birthday.

Walls Thanksgiving Decoration

Walls are an important side that supports the decoration of a house or room. In order to make the Thanksgiving atmosphere more accentuated, it will be better if you also decorate your walls. For example, you can use maple leaves, pumpkin-shaped wall decorations, or hang your words of gratitude on the walls. With a simple yet attractive decoration concept, your house will look warm during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Sofa Pillows Decoration

A living room should also be decorated because this is the first room where you will greet your guests during Thanksgiving. If you want to simply decorate your living room, you can just replace the sofa pillows with the ones that have Thanksgiving nuance. Make sure the colors of the sofa pillows harmonize with the colors of your sofa.


Candles are also related to the Thanksgiving celebration. You can use decorative candles or aromatherapy candles in order to support your Thanksgiving decoration. The candles will make the Thanksgiving decoration looks warm and fancy at the same time. You can place candles in a living room, dining room, bedroom, and even a bathroom. Besides looking beautiful, candles can also make you feel calmer.

Flower Vases

You can also use flower vases to decorate your house to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you want something different, you can use secondhand items as a flower vase and fill it with tree branches. Or, you can use small colorful papers with quotes as the flowers

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