Your Bathroom Beautiful with the Best Accessories of Minimalist Bathroom!

A bathroom basically needs some great accessories of the minimalist bathroom to look very neat and cute. Minimally, the accessories which you chose are the items which really have good functions. The example of the bathroom items is like a mirror to the anti-slip mat.

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You may be confused and want to be inspired on how to select the accessories from all of the bathroom items. Well, we have a few cheat ideas for you, friend. For complete, let’s look below!

Bathroom Tool Shelf

A minimalist bathroom generally has a fairly small area of about 1 × 2 meters to 2 × 2 meters. So that accessories of minimalist bathroom do not really fill this room, then choose an object that is functional but also useful as a place to store decorations. An example is the toiletries rack which is generally used as an area of storage for bottles of soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, and also toothpaste, to the puff of shower.

If you still find the empty spaces, you may insert a small vase containing green plants. If you don’t think to make it complicated you may utilize fake plants that have a wonderful appearance.

Toilet Paper Holder

At a bathroom, the paper of the toilet is exactly essential. Make the attached tissue place look much greater so that there can be a pretty sweet bathroom accessory. For example, you can paint its surface by using fantastic colors or attach some decorative stickers to the surface.

On the other side, you basically may use a whole of toilet tissue with an amazing look. Usually, the boxes of tissue can be easily found in a shop of accessory for online or home.

Towel and Clothes Hangers

Besides a holder of tissue, hanger of clothes and towel are perfectly needed to put in a tiny and minimalist bathroom. It does not only make anti-mess to the bathroom, but the hanger design may also become a separate point of a focal. For example that you intend to include the elements of industry in it. You can simply choose a black cloth hanger or a wooden material that is not coated with varnish.


One of the items in a bathroom which has some functions is a mirror. It is not only a mirror for mirroring, but a mirror also has a function as accessories of minimalist bathroom. The frame you choose should become the point of mirror attraction itself. A mirror with industrial wood, carved frames, ethnic with accents which are traditional, to a bathroom which is minimalist and elegant.

Bathroom Curtain

Minimalist bathrooms with showers usually have a separate place between the toilet and shower area. These two places are usually parted by using some plastic curtains.

Well, the partition you may select with beautiful and interesting motifs. Do not worry, there are many curtain options that can be selected. You can select it based on what you intend to. For example, you want your bathroom has ocean nuances so, you may use a curtain than you can picture it with blue sea or sand.

Anti Slip Doormat

Doormats are exactly very useful. It should be placed at your bathroom especially your minimalist bathroom. It has the main goal that is to save everyone from slipping. Well, if you like a different or unique doormat, you may select a mat of rubber with a fantastic look.

Well, hopefully, the above decoration ideas of accessories of the minimalist bathroom can be useful for you!

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